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Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 04/03/2018
Part IV: Applying The Drucker Approach To Reinventing Government Agencies
In this fourth and final installment of this MMN e-book series, unlock Drucker’s 6 steps to planning and implementation as well as the thought leader’s 4 keys to making real change happen in your government agency.In Part III of this e-book, we discussed the need for every agency to define what they mean by results and the importance of... Full Content »
Contributor: Riaz Khadem, D.Phil
Posted: 04/03/2018
The following excerpt is from Riaz Khadem and Linda Khadem’s book Total Alignment. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBoundWhen determining accountability within your company, there are two groups that should be held responsible. First, process indicators should be pushed down to the lowest appropriate... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 03/21/2018
In the competitive world of business, ineffectiveness inevitably shows up on the profit and loss statements and balance sheets of any type of institution, be it a business, university, or government agency. The only test of management that matters is performance. Either management performs or it doesn't. More than 30 years ago, Harvard's... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 03/12/2018
The world is awash with management gurus, leadership books and flimsy articles listing “the top 10 things every executive should know.”The truth is, it was Peter F. Drucker who had formulated the most fundamental principles for effectively running any organization -- be it a corporation, nonprofit, government agency, startup or small business.... Full Content »
Contributor: Les Trachtman
Posted: 03/06/2018
The best way to test your company’s preparedness for succession is to take unplug and delegate. Go on a vacation somewhere with poor or non-existent cell-phone service.If some of your operations prove themselves shaky while you’re away, you’ll get a good picture of where improvement is needed. More likely, though, you’ll discover that much of your... Full Content »
Contributor: Robert Swaim, Ph.D.
Posted: 03/05/2018
According to Drucker, people really do not resist change. It is the way changes are introduced in organizations that they often object to. What then are some of the errors that are made when a change effort is introduced which creates resistance and hinders the success of their change efforts?These errors, which are presented in an organizational... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 02/27/2018
Part 2 Applying The Drucker Approach To Reinventing Government Agencies
During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly promised to streamline the federal government and to create, if necessary, new agencies to meet new 21st-century challenges.There is indeed, as stated in Part I, need to overhaul the bureaucratic sprawl in Washington. What has happened, according to Drucker, is neither the fault of the... Full Content »
Contributor: Marshall Goldsmith
Posted: 02/05/2018
[Edited from Lifestorming by Marshall Goldsmith and Alan Weiss]In 1980, Peter Drucker wrote a cutting-edge book called Managing in Turbulent Times. Today, turbulent times are the norm, so we might as well get used to them and get better at dealing with them.Features of today’s turbulent times include:No expectation of... Full Content »
Contributor: Management Matters
Posted: 02/01/2018
MMN Ebook Thumbnail Part 1
Much of this e-book series is devoted to the teachings of Peter F. Drucker. Our many discussions with government leaders revealed most are not familiar with the prolific work of Drucker – especially, his principles, practices and structured methodologies for enabling government agency executives to meaningfully reinvent their organizations.... Full Content »
Contributor: Jeremy Hunter, Ph.D
Posted: 12/07/2017
essential management
Editor's Note: This article, the first in a series of articles/webinars by celebrated Drucker-inspired executive effectiveness expert, Dr. Jeremy Hunter, presents the building blocks of self-management and how they fit together to create mindfulness, that is, self-awareness & self-regulation.Dr. Hunter he shows us why and how focused attention... Full Content »
Contributor: Nick Candito
Posted: 11/08/2017
The only thing that is constant is change.Talk to almost anyone about change and it immediately conjures up feelings of stress and uneasiness. We like to get comfortable in our routines. Yes, we stretch, we grow, but at a pace that feels, well, convenient - because we’re in control. Thriving when we’re out of control is a much tougher prospect; it... Full Content »
40 results
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