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Contributor: Jim Champy
Posted: 10/11/2017
office 3
A company’s resident barista handed me a cappuccino as my host described the importance of food to the happiness and productivity of its employees. I was in Silicon Valley, where a company’s culture is considered key to attracting and holding on to people. I had a similar experience in Boston, when my host greeted me in the kitchen reception... Full Content »
Contributor: Gallup, Inc
Posted: 10/02/2017
freelance worker
by Annamarie MannWorking remotely can be a dream come true for some employees. No commute means more money, more time and less stress. Alone at home, remote workers can be less distracted and more productive. They may also have greater autonomy -- and may be able to focus on actual work rather than banal office politics.Gallup's research and... Full Content »
Contributor: Jeremy Hunter, Ph.D
Posted: 08/29/2017
Many leaders focus on having the right answers, but what about asking the right questions? Can a question influence an answer? Does our framing of a situation open up possibilities or shut down the situation?Let’s try an experiment. Look at the questions below and see what happens:“How can I prove I’m right?”“How did I get stuck with these idiots... Full Content »
Contributor: Sydney Finkelstein
Posted: 08/14/2017
With summer here, our thoughts naturally turn to BBQs, beaches, and vacations. It’s the time of year when you can easily find yourself daydreaming when you should be paying attention. And then, as if in a nightmare, you realize you are seated around a table, listening to people you don’t really want to hear from, people who are saying things... Full Content »
Contributor: Bruce Rosenstein
Posted: 08/08/2017
The following column originally published on July 5, 2002, USA TODAY published my feature story on Peter Drucker, “Scandals Nothing New to Business Guru.” He and I were both in Los Angeles for the SLA/Special Libraries Association annual conference.I was an attendee and he was one of the keynote speakers. (... Full Content »
Contributor: Jim Champy
Posted: 07/26/2017
human enterprise
There is no doubt that technology is playing an extraordinary role in the transformation of business. From Uber to Airbnb, from Amazon to Netflix, business models are dramatically changing. But I worry that our fascination with technology may be distracting us from paying attention to the importance people play in the success and failure of... Full Content »
Contributor: Management Matters
Posted: 07/14/2017
picking people
No one can guarantee the performance of a manager or executive appointed to a new position.Indeed, if the reports and surveys we are constantly bombarded with are correct, we can safely say most executives make poor promotion and staffing decisions.By all accounts, about one-third turn out to be right, one-third are marginally effective, and one-... Full Content »
Contributor: Josh Steimle
Posted: 07/06/2017
Silos stifle communication and prevent teams from working together to achieve organizational objectives. Chief marketing officers, with their focus on the customer, are ideally positioned to bust silos and promote the kind of collaboration that leads to a better customer experience and real growth.Silos form naturally as the result of systems... Full Content »
Contributor: Management Matters
Posted: 05/24/2017
“A superior owes it to his organization to make the strength of every one of his subordinates as productive as it can be. But even more does he owe it to the human beings over whom he exercises authority to help them get the most out of whatever strengths they may have. The organization must serve the individual...” – Peter F. DruckerThe... Full Content »
Contributor: Sydney Finkelstein
Posted: 05/14/2017
Third Rail Management
As a Ph.D student in the 1980s, I studied corporate proxy statements to research how much senior executives were paid. I pored through these documents to identify the highest earning managers in a company. I usually found the data in an easy-to-read table listing salary, bonus, and stock options.Try doing that today. The simple table is long gone... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 03/21/2017
effective exec
In the competitive world of business, ineffectiveness inevitably shows up on the profit and loss statements and balance sheets of any type of institution, be it a business, university, or government agency. The only test of management that matters is performance. Either management performs or it doesn't. More than 30 years ago, Harvard's... Full Content »
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