Effective Management
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 04/05/2017
No one can guarantee the performance of a manager or executive appointed to a new position.Indeed, if the reports and surveys we are constantly bombarded with are correct, we can safely say most executives make poor promotion and staffing decisions.By all accounts, about one-third turn out to be right, one-third are marginally effective, and one-... Full Article »
Contributor: Sydney Finkelstein
Posted: 05/14/2017
Sydney Finkelstein
As a Ph.D student in the 1980s, I studied corporate proxy statements to research how much senior executives were paid. I pored through these documents to identify the highest earning managers in a company. I usually found the data in an easy-to-read table listing salary, bonus, and stock options.Try doing that today. The simple table is long gone... Full Column »