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Management Matters Network (MMN) is an online source of practical, actionable thought leadership and news that will help you become a more effective manager in today’s highly disrupted environment.

The topics we cover are timely and timeless. Evaluating and controlling performance through measurement. Leading change. Making innovation happen. Managing knowledge workers. Crafting and executing strategy. Effectively managing with proven approaches. And many more.

Some of the content is written by experts on and practitioners of the legendary Peter F. Drucker’s management principles. His prescriptions for managing in the next society have never been more important.

Some of it is written by contemporary management professionals around the world.

All of it delivers expert commentary, viewpoints, and best practices that will help you achieve new levels of management success for yourself, your employees, and your organization.

MMN’s mission is straightforward but powerful:

Provide content from the greatest management minds on the major decisions you face in your efforts to harmonize the objectives, core competencies, and resources of your organization with the needs and opportunities in the marketplace.

Deliver a multi-discipline perspective by drawing on economics, strategic marketing, data analysis, behavioral science, neuroscience, and a host of other disciplines to help you cope, adapt, adjust, and stay in control in the midst of unparalleled disruption and transformation.

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