Who We Are

Management Matters Network (MMN) is a division of the International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC).

MMN's core mission is to provide individual organizations and IQPC's 15 niche-based portals with use-it-now content related to the works of Peter F. Drucker, Michael Porter, Ted Levitt, Philip Kotler, Tom Peters, Joseph Juran, W. Edwards Deming and others.

IQPC's boasts over 535,000 active members who visit our various portals each month.

Current trends indicate active membership is rapidly growing. With the addition of new portal features sections, it is estimated that total active membership will exceed 750,000 by mid-2017.

Our members are professional, management and technical workers across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines.

These include call centers, business process management, data science, automotive technology, supply chain management, military science, human resources, cyber security, procurement and dozens more.

Our Mission & Business Purpose

MMN is inspired by the management ideas of Peter F. Drucker the organizational thought leader of the 20th century, and others who followed.

Drucker revealed basic principles & practices of management success in easy-to-understand language using real-life examples for maximum reader interest and comprehension.

Yet his management principles, while glaringly obvious once understood, are not practiced by the majority of managers in all institutions including government, universities, business, and public service organizations.

To slightly paraphrase Harvard's Ted Levitt: "If God creates only an occasional genius… He has no choice but  to enable others to frequently repeat and broadly disseminate the messages of a distant master…"

MMN, through content inspired by Drucker and other management thought leaders, and with the assistance of other well-known contributors, such as William Cohen, Elizabeth Edersheim, Andy Andrews, help its readers and registrants to learn and apply these principles to their own management challenges and opportunities.

Helping Managers Prepare for a Rapidly Arriving, Disruptive Future

For the sake of the future of our economy, our community, and our society, every thinking manager needs to be familiar with Drucker's astonishing body of work and learn how to put his principles & practices into immediate practice to solve 21st-century management problems.

Our business purpose is to provide readers with practical guides to Drucker's thinking, and how that thinking can be applied to issues facing managers today.

We will do this in a variety of formats including articles, practitioner interviews, white papers and online/off-line short courses.

Building on Drucker's Monumental Contributions to Effective Management

Without doubt, many have extended and amplified the work of Drucker.

The significance and direct meaning of these first-rate contributions are incorporated into many of our articles and learning programs.

Drucker, observed Ted Levitt, "was more of a prophet than a step-by-step analyzer.”

The step-by step analysis is there for anyone to see, but is 'obscured' by the grace of his style, by the breadth of his scope, and by the seeming simplicity of his messages.”

MMN, in many instances, will provide- readers and registrants to our forthcoming learning programs with the required step-by- step analysis.

The Necessity of Distinguishing Between Incidents & Trends

Finally, effective management requires a realistic understanding of what's happened and what's apt to happen if current economic, societal, and demographic, and political trends continue.

Said Drucker, "In a period of unrest and rapid changes such as we surely face, one cannot successfully manage by being clever...

...Management of an institution, whether a business, a university, a hospital, has to be grounded in basic and predictable trends that persist regardless of today's headlines."

Building on these words, MMN will present in various formats the thinking and the knowledge required to adjust, adapt, and cope with today's new realities.