Who We Are

Management Matters Network (MMN) is a division of the International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC). We strive to bring high quality industry news, articles, reports and events that will drive the industry towards effective change.

MMN's core mission is to provide individual organizations and IQPC's 15 niche-based portals with use-it-now content related to the works of Peter F. Drucker, Michael Porter, Ted Levitt, Philip Kotler, Tom Peters, Joseph Juran, W. Edwards Deming and others.

IQPC boasts over 600,000 members who visit our various portals each month for articles, news and industry updates.

Current trends indicate active membership is rapidly growing. With the addition of new portal features sections, it is estimated that total active membership will exceed 750,000 by mid-2018.

Our members are professional, managerial and technical workers across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines.

These include call centers, business process management, data science, automotive technology, supply chain management, military science, human resources, cyber security, procurement and dozens more.

Our Mission & Business Purpose

Peter F. Drucker was one of the most influential figures in the mid-20th century world of management. Indeed, he is widely known as "the man who invented modern management."

Drucker made profound discoveries with respect to management principles and practices, change management, producing and managing innovation, and executive effectiveness.

According to much-celebrated marketing gurus Theodore Levitt and Philip Kotler, Drucker created what is now called the field of strategic marketing.

Others have rightly credited Drucker with exposing "the poverty of economic theory" and providing much-needed principles and practices that, in essence, displace much of today's teachings on microeconomics (i.e., the theory of the firm).

Said Levitt: " {Drucker}… always discovered, understood, and clarified more about any subject he touched than do most people who have spent a lifetime on that subject…"

With all this in mind, MMN has assembled a virtual “who's who” of thought leaders and practitioners with expertise (and corporate battlefield experience) in applying the management practices developed and inspired by Drucker and countless others. (See list of contributors).

More About MMN's Mission

Experience teaches us to reduce the number of our mistakes. But none of us has the time for continuous trial- and- error learning.

We must learn more and more from the experiences of others. MMN through practitioner interviews, news, articles, and online/off-line short courses will help you increase your idea sources and high-yield learning opportunities.

Learning is nothing more than thinking with other people's ideas. We hope to bring you the best ideas and management practices from a variety of sources.

The truly operative question is: "Will this idea/practice work – with a twist or two – for us?"

Specifically, MMN Provides:

1. A  Drucker-inspired managerial orientation: MMN articles focus on the major decisions executives and top management face in their efforts to harmonize the objectives, core competencies, and resources of the organization with the needs and opportunities in the marketplace. This customer-driven management approach was invented by Drucker.

2. A measurement-driven management emphasis: MMN will provide easy- to- understand explanations and applications of three kinds of quantitative measurements – namely:

- Measurements that enable you to measure performance, that is, compare actual against planned performance;

- Measurements that let you diagnose/remedy your problems, measurements that indicate present difficulties, factors that require more careful attention, and future potential trouble spots and;

- Measurements that allow you to anticipate/predict likely future scenarios.

3. A multi-discipline perspective: MMN draws on economics, management, behavioral science, neuroscience, statistical decision theory, and a host of other disciplines to help you cope, adapt, adjust, and stay in control given today's rapidly arriving, highly disruptive future.

4. Comprehensive, balanced, and timely issue coverage: MMN's contributors will provide timeless frameworks for helping you evaluate current events that impact both profit and nonprofit organizations including government agencies.

Management Matters Network and its affiliated entities are not affiliated with, licensed or sponsored by, The Drucker 1996 Literary Works Trust,  The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito School of Management, or The Drucker Institute.