A digital platform providing premium content and insights curated specifically for high-level executives and emerging leaders of various organizations, ranging from specialized firms to Fortune 1000 companies, as well as nonprofits and government agencies.

The Management Matters Network is a digital resource for the modern workforce. We provide core management principles that thought leaders have used to develop thriving businesses throughout the years. The works of author Peter F. Drucker, who is considered the father of modern management, drives our editorial mission, distinguishing us from other platforms.

MMN publishes strategic leadership and management content that automatically posts to IQPC’s portfolio of 20+ professional niche portals including CCW DigitalSSO Network, PEX Network and Corporate Learning Network, equating to an audience of over 650,000 senior-level executives.

We currently present content in the form of articles, e-books, whitepapers, podcasts and webinars, and soon, MMN’s high-quality content will be a proven catalyst for conversation and change – allowing people to connect online and face-to-face through IQPC events.

MMN -- through practitioner interviews, news, articles, and online/off-line courses -- will help you tap new idea sources and high-yield learning opportunities. We propagate the teachings of Drucker-inspired Management to high-level practitioners, new global markets, and most important, a new generation of emerging leaders in need of (but unaware of) the management precepts of distant masters. There is no better time to engage with these decision makers than now; when they need you most.

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