Measuring Performance (People & Enterprise)
Contributor: Editorial Staff at Management Matters Network
Posted: 05/23/2017
“A superior owes it to his organization to make the strength of every one of his subordinates as productive as it can be. But even more does he owe it to the human beings over whom he exercises authority to help them get the most out of whatever strengths they may have. The organization must serve the individual...” – Peter F. DruckerThe... Full Article »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 05/16/2017
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This is Part 2 of a series on why managers of any organization should have a firm grasp of data literacy. For Part 1, see here.Editor's Note: There are many scientific approaches for finding the root cause of a problem, be it in government, business or elsewhere in life. In this article, we present a simple (but not simplistic) statistical... Full Column »