Measuring Performance (People & Enterprise)
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Contributor: Paul Niven
Posted: 04/16/2018
OKRs have been proven to help overcome many vexing challenges that plague modern organizations.For example, they can: foster teamwork and collaboration, drive engagement through their mix of top-down and bottom-up development, and ensure your focus is fixed squarely on just the things that matter most for your success.But you know what they can’t... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 04/03/2018
Part IV: Applying The Drucker Approach To Reinventing Government Agencies
In this fourth and final installment of this MMN e-book series, unlock Drucker’s 6 steps to planning and implementation as well as the thought leader’s 4 keys to making real change happen in your government agency.In Part III of this e-book, we discussed the need for every agency to define what they mean by results and the importance of... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 03/21/2018
Part 3: Applying The Drucker Approach To Reinventing Government Agencies
Welcome to Part III where we focus on the need for results-focused government agencies. In Part II we discussed why Peter F. Drucker believed every government agency must practice organized abandonment of the outworn, outgrown, and obsolete. Purposeful abandonment is a surefire way to increase agency productivity, spark innovation, and... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 02/27/2018
Part 2 Applying The Drucker Approach To Reinventing Government Agencies
During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly promised to streamline the federal government and to create, if necessary, new agencies to meet new 21st-century challenges.There is indeed, as stated in Part I, need to overhaul the bureaucratic sprawl in Washington. What has happened, according to Drucker, is neither the fault of the... Full Content »
Contributor: Management Matters
Posted: 02/01/2018
MMN Ebook Thumbnail Part 1
Much of this e-book series is devoted to the teachings of Peter F. Drucker. Our many discussions with government leaders revealed most are not familiar with the prolific work of Drucker – especially, his principles, practices and structured methodologies for enabling government agency executives to meaningfully reinvent their organizations.... Full Content »
Contributor: Josh Steimle
Posted: 01/31/2018
I’ve run a digital marketing agency since 1999 but it was only in 2015 that we passed $1M in annual revenue, a goal I’ve worked toward for over 15 years. For most of those 15 years my agency’s revenues hovered around $500,000.Without making any major changes we hit $3M in 2016, and worked toward the goal of doing $10M in 2017. What changed? Part... Full Content »
Contributor: Sydney Finkelstein
Posted: 01/09/2018
The award-winning play Hamilton made pretty much every shortlist of the top theatre experiences of the last two years. Sold-out performances continue unabated in New York all the while it has opened to tremendous fanfare in London. Finally, even I felt compelled to see it.  And I… didn’t love it. How could I? After all the hype, no... Full Content »
Contributor: Kelly Kinnard
Posted: 12/05/2017
Hiring at the senior executive level can be tricky– and compensation is one area that tends to trip people up. It’s crucial to start the compensation phase of the hiring process with the right mindset. Rather than “What can we get this person for?”, think “What will it take to get this person on our team?”Successful executives at the top of their... Full Content »
Contributor: Nicholas Read
Posted: 11/13/2017
performance 2
Evidence from a million minutes of sales coaching contradicts some common beliefs about sales performance.Researchers recently completed a significant study in which regular coaching sessions with salespeople and their managers were run in Europe and North America over a two year period.The goal was to focus on a specific skill, coach the seller... Full Content »
Contributor: Stew Friedman
Posted: 10/31/2017
Stew Friedman
The common wisdom says that real success as an entrepreneurial leader requires 100% devotion to your enterprise.  Nothing else can matter or get in the way, right?  Wrong.Our decades-long research at the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project – the main ideas from which have been put into practice and proven in organizations... Full Content »
Contributor: Riaz Khadem, D.Phil
Posted: 10/25/2017
When determining accountability within your company, there are two groups that should be held responsible.First, process indicators should be pushed down to the lowest appropriate level. This gives the power to act to the right person, thus empowering all levels of employees.In many organizations, decisions are made at the wrong level, sometimes... Full Content »
30 results
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