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Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 04/18/2018
About thirty years ago, I initiated a study called the Combat Leadership Study. I was inspired to find the most challenging scenarios and leaders who were successful in those situations. This included management functions in business and other organizations.   There are many challenging conditions for leadership of course: the... Full Content »
Contributor: Management Matters
Posted: 04/06/2018
It's an enduring truth: A successful organization is opportunity-focused, not problem-focused.Resources, to produce results, must be allocated to opportunities rather than problems. This is one of Peter F. Drucker's most important principles for sustained success:"An organization will have a high spirit of performance if it is consistently... Full Content »
Contributor: Diane M. Ryan, Ph.D
Posted: 04/02/2018
Recently I had the distinct privilege to spend two days at the United States Military Academy – the Nation’s premier leader development institution and coincidentally, my former place of employment for the better part of 10 years - with several of the most successful leaders on the planet.Although I retired from the Army last summer and... Full Content »
Contributor: Christopher Brown
Posted: 03/13/2018
christopher brown
Many of today’s senior leaders were educated in an era where business school professors told them the sole purpose of a business was to create value for shareholders.This, at a time when only a few voices professed what revered thinker and writer, Peter Drucker, proposed that the purpose of a business is to create customers profitably. The two... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 02/27/2018
Part 2 Applying The Drucker Approach To Reinventing Government Agencies
During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly promised to streamline the federal government and to create, if necessary, new agencies to meet new 21st-century challenges.There is indeed, as stated in Part I, need to overhaul the bureaucratic sprawl in Washington. What has happened, according to Drucker, is neither the fault of the... Full Content »
Posted: 02/06/2018
Riaz Khadem
The following excerpt is from Riaz Khadem and Linda Khadem’s book Total Alignment. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBoundWhen determining accountability within your company, there are two groups that should be held responsible. First, process indicators should be pushed down to the lowest appropriate... Full Content »
Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 01/17/2018
The Ambitious
It is one thing to be able to contribute to humankind in challenging work, but that ability is worthless if you can’t demonstrate it. Drucker would have said that it is a societal obligation to make it so. That is, for the maximum number of others to know about and to take advantage of your contributions.Drucker learned from his work with General... Full Content »
Contributor: Frances Hesselbein
Posted: 12/11/2017
Frances Hesselbein ted talk
This column originally published on Leader To Leader Journal and has been updated for MMN.Occasionally, I casually remark in speeches that I have tattoos on both shoulders. I pause and wait for the audience’s shock to become apparent, and then go on to mention that the tattoos are in invisible ink—you can’t see them, but I know they are there... Full Content »
Contributor: Jeremy Hunter, Ph.D
Posted: 12/07/2017
essential management
Editor's Note: This article, the first in a series of articles/webinars by celebrated Drucker-inspired executive effectiveness expert, Dr. Jeremy Hunter, presents the building blocks of self-management and how they fit together to create mindfulness, that is, self-awareness & self-regulation.Dr. Hunter he shows us why and how focused attention... Full Content »
Contributor: Gallup, Inc
Posted: 11/29/2017
by Jane MillerAs leaders, we have to ask ourselves an immediate question: What can we do to make workplaces -- and the world -- more inclusive, accepting, warm and inviting?Former Surgeon General Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy recently wrote an article for Harvard Business Review titled, "Work and the Loneliness Epidemic." In it, he... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 11/14/2017
What does in mean for a company to be in “total alignment”?Riaz Khadem, author of Total Alignment, says it means everyone in the company is highly competent in actions that directly support the strategy of the organization; the strategy supports the shared vision; the shared vision delivers the organization’s purpose; and that purpose is... Full Content »
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