Contributor: Jeremy Hunter, Ph.D
Posted: 12/07/2017
essential management
Editor's Note: This article, the first in a series of articles/webinars by celebrated Drucker-inspired executive effectiveness expert, Dr. Jeremy Hunter, presents the building blocks of self-management and how they fit together to create mindfulness, that is, self-awareness & self-regulation.Dr. Hunter he shows us why and how focused attention... Full Content »
Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 09/18/2017
It was Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, who discovered the quickest way to learn and master any subject. He used this method himself to become wealthy and recognized as the world’s most renowned management expert and consultant. He wrote that it was to teach that subject. Most readers thought that he was only talking about teaching... Full Content »
Contributor: Marshall Goldsmith
Posted: 07/10/2017
Editor's Note: This article was originally published by Marshall Goldsmith on his blog, Thinkers50. It has been reposted here with permission. One of the greatest leaders I know is Frances Hesselbein, the former executive director of the Girl Scouts of America and now chairman of the Leader to Leader Institute. I am not alone... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff at Management Matters Network
Posted: 05/05/2017
It's true: Many confuse the process of getting ideas with the agonizing realities of putting them to work.Lack of creativity is not the problem in most organizations. Great ideas almost always abound.The real problem is converting an idea, which is just a good intention, into operational reality.Indeed, a powerful new idea can kick around unused... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff at Management Matters Network
Posted: 10/13/2016
Perils of Polling
Editor’s Note:Perils of Polling: Part I defined the term statistical universe and warned of the dangers of statistical ignorance in polling results.The statistical universe consists of all things about which conclusions are to be drawn. If you take a sample from an improperly defined statistical universe, your conclusions will be meaningless –... Full Content »
Contributor: Management Matters
Posted: 07/28/2016
Editor's Note:Both celebrated Harvard economist Joseph Schumpeter and famed author Ayn Rand made uncanny predictions about societal and economic trends that would inevitably threaten capitalism and destroy democracies.Schumpeter (1883 – 1950) was named Austria's finance minister after World War I. He experienced, firsthand, the horrific... Full Content »
Contributor: Jeremy Hunter, Ph.D
Posted: 07/01/2016
get things done
Focused attention is the basis for effectiveness. Without it, any sort of complex activity is more challenging, if not impossible. In a previous post, I introduced Eleanor, a high-performing executive I worked with at a global aerospace firm. Wrestling with interruption, distraction, and stress, she decided to fight back. Her mission?... Full Content »