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Contributor: Robert Swaim, Ph.D.
Posted: 07/24/2017
It was 1976 during one night at the Claremont Graduate School (CGS). I had driven the San Bernardino Freeway from my office on 6th and Flower Streets in downtown Los Angeles after work, a one to two hour drive depending on traffic, to attend the Claremont Graduate School Ph.D. in Executive Management Program (now the Peter F. Drucker Graduate... Full Content »
Contributor: Management Matters
Posted: 07/22/2017
Editor's Note:Peter F. Drucker wrote extensively about abandonment. Recognition of this concept is probably the single most important tactical guideline in the quest for economic results.If effective management of capital resources was Drucker's first test for improving corporate productivity, systematic abandonment of the unproductive and... Full Content »
Contributor: Management Matters
Posted: 07/15/2017
IntroductionThe most serious mistakes are not the result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions.If your answer to the right question produces the wrong, unexpected result, you can take corrective action. In other words, a wrong answer to the right question can, as a rule, be repaired and salvaged.But if you ask... Full Content »
Contributor: Robert Swaim, Ph.D.
Posted: 07/10/2017
Pretend that Peter F. Drucker were alive today and you were about to engage him - the world’s foremost authority on management - to spend a day at your company with you and your management team. You want advice as to the direction your company should take and are concerned about how your company can compete in a dynamic and rapidly changing global... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff at Management Matters Network
Posted: 06/21/2017
"Concentration is the key to economic results… Economic results require managers concentrate their efforts on the smallest number of products, product lines, services, customers, markets, distributive channels, end-uses, and so on, that will produce the largest amount of revenue." —Peter F. DruckerEditor's Note:To dominate you have to concentrate... Full Content »
Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 06/05/2017
Wouldn’t it be incredible if a genie would arise from a magic lamp and reveal the richest source of innovation for profitability in whatever you do? With just one such innovation you could make a fortune for yourself or your employer.Peter F. Drucker was not a genie, but he was a genius. So respected is Drucker, that even today more than seven... Full Content »
Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 04/26/2017
reach for the sky
How many times have I heard experts say something can’t be done? It must have been a million times.A little more than eight years ago, I was a guest on the USS Sequoia, a former presidential yacht, for a cruise up the Potomac River. During the cruise, I had a discussion with Diane Watson, a Democratic Congresswoman and former Ambassador to... Full Content »
Contributor: Jim Champy
Posted: 04/09/2017
spark change
Most so-called “transformational change” efforts fail. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for an organization to change everything at once.Yet enterprises are challenged to adapt quicker than ever to compete and survive. But where should they begin?Every change needs to start with a compelling case. Healthcare provides a great example of an... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 01/27/2017
It's a classic problem. Most senior-level executives have, at one time or another, been forced to decide whether or not to abandon a venture or project which seemed so promising when first proposed.The story is almost always the same. A new venture successfully launches a new product. It grows fast with respect to sales and profits, which leads to... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 01/23/2017
A fruit tree grows stronger and fuller when it is pruned periodically. In a long out of print book entitled The Folklore of Management, Clarence B. Randall, a retired president of Inland Steel, expressed this thought most elegantly:The world around, hearty men who make a living by harvesting the fruits of the soil know when and how to use the... Full Content »
Contributor: Jim Champy
Posted: 11/29/2016
Editor's Note:The roadside is littered with disasters when the only contribution an acquiring company brings is money.Successful acquisitions occur when the acquiring company contributes management, technology, strength of distribution, and the like.As Peter F. Drucker observed, executives who ignore basic, hard-learned rules of successful... Full Content »
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