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Contributor: Nicholas Read
Posted: 04/10/2018
IntroductionIn the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, companies slashed costs to gain profits. After trimming the bottom line to the bone, attention shifted to the top line. Selling became mission-critical, especially in the area of Key Account Management (KAM) where the largest or most strategic customers are handled.Yet the sales function... Full Content »
Contributor: Gallup, Inc
Posted: 03/27/2018
by Nate Dvorak and Robert Gabsa of Gallup Many star employees are probably ready to leave their companies. Is your business prepared to attract them?Fifty-four percent of Americans say now is a "good time" to find a quality job. This marks the first time a majority has said this since Gallup began tracking the question in 2001. What's... Full Content »
Contributor: Editorial Staff
Posted: 02/27/2018
Part 2 Applying The Drucker Approach To Reinventing Government Agencies
During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly promised to streamline the federal government and to create, if necessary, new agencies to meet new 21st-century challenges.There is indeed, as stated in Part I, need to overhaul the bureaucratic sprawl in Washington. What has happened, according to Drucker, is neither the fault of the... Full Content »
Contributor: Management Matters
Posted: 02/14/2018
Editor's Note:Peter F. Drucker wrote extensively about abandonment. Recognition of this concept is probably the single most important tactical guideline in the quest for economic results.If effective management of capital resources was Drucker's first test for improving corporate productivity, systematic abandonment of the unproductive and... Full Content »
Contributor: Management Matters
Posted: 02/01/2018
MMN Ebook Thumbnail Part 1
Much of this e-book series is devoted to the teachings of Peter F. Drucker. Our many discussions with government leaders revealed most are not familiar with the prolific work of Drucker – especially, his principles, practices and structured methodologies for enabling government agency executives to meaningfully reinvent their organizations.... Full Content »
Contributor: Les Trachtman
Posted: 01/10/2018
There is a dirty little secret that executive recruiters would like you not to discover. It’s one that experienced managers have known for a long time but are apt to ignore: Most newly recruited executives fail to live up to expectations.Despite the fanfare and high hopes a new executive appointment brings, 30-40 percent of executives... Full Content »
Contributor: Jim Champy
Posted: 12/13/2017
The flood of recent sexual-harassment cases and other forms of bad behavior in corporate settings raises some difficult questions: where was the human resources - HR - organization? Did HR know what was going on and did it try to do something about it?  Isn’t HR supposed to be the guardian of good corporate values and the protector of the... Full Content »
Contributor: Jim Champy
Posted: 10/26/2017
The market becomes more and more flooded with so-called “unicorns,” as VC firms and owners continue stamping 8-figure valuations on these privately held companies (is Uber really worth $75 billion? ). These practices not only raise questions for investors, employees, and founders -- but also put pressure on other business owners when it comes... Full Content »
Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 10/19/2017
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Although Peter F. Drucker was aware of many innovative methodologies for analyzing business solutions, he rarely used them. One would think that the founder of modern management was a fan of lengthy and complex analytical reports. But believe it or not, he was a fan of following your gut. How can a manager make decisions that honor both the... Full Content »
Contributor: Robert Swaim, Ph.D.
Posted: 10/16/2017
"This is a new era of opportunity, but only for those who are willing to accept change as an opportunity, not for those who are afraid of it." Peter F. DruckerIn today’s rapidly changing environment, Peter F. Drucker stressed that mangers must be able to anticipate, plan and lead change efforts in their organizations. Managers must also be... Full Content »
Contributor: Sydney Finkelstein
Posted: 10/05/2017
It’s more important for success than strategy, technology and even products. The only way for an organisation to survive and thrive long-term: the ability to generate and regenerate talent on a continual basis.But how? Having spent ten years studying this question, and even more time designing and delivering talent development programs and... Full Content »
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