Effectively Engaging C-Suite Executives: A Guide to Selling to the C-Suite

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Mastering the Complex Sale

Working with C-suite executives is not rocket science. Most often, those executives are looking for the value that salespeople can deliver to them, rather than the salesperson’s rank in the sales organization. 

Use the six steps described here as a framework to the way you interface with C-Suite executives. Internalize this process and put it into action in a structured, repeatable fashion. 

Review this process during your interactions with C-Suite executives to make certain you don’t deviate from it or miss any steps. 

Most importantly, take the time to review these steps with your manager or other sales executives to determine if they have any additional suggestions that can help you leverage your relationships with C-Suite executives.


In the downloadable report, Bistritz -- who brings nearly four decades of high-tech sales, sales management and training management experience dealing with startups and global conglomerates -- delves into 6 steps to engaging with C-Suite executives:


  1. Identify the relevant executive for the sales opportunity 

  2. Determine how best to approach that executive 

  3. Perform the appropriate discovery prior to the initial approach to the executive

  4. Conduct an effective initial face-to-face meeting with the executive 

  5. Demonstrate a consistent level of integrity and capability over the long-term to become perceived as a trusted advisor to the executive

  6. Consistently communicate your value to the executive...and much, much more! Download the quick and free whitepaper.