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Michael Nesmith from the mid-1960's rock band The Monkees may seem like an unlikely role model for getting ahead in today's competitive business environment. But you can learn a lot from how he's embraced entrepreneurship, innovation, the gig economy, branding and multiple other areas.
Peter Drucker's managerial concepts about knowledge workers are as relevant today as they were when he wrote about them 50 years ago. This article looks at them through the lens of John E. Flaherty, who authored the book Peter Drucker: Shaping the Managerial Mind, almost 20 years ago.
There is fascinating material related to Harris’ work with Drucker on the online Drucker Archives, including a lengthy video interview with Harris that goes into considerable depth into their longstanding relationship. That interview is also a window into Harris’ wide-ranging intellect. It’s no wonder that he and Drucker had such a long friendship and working relationship.
“The first priority for one’s own development is to strive for excellence.” Every day I post quotes by Peter Drucker on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I’ve curated these quotes over many years, and I find them to be inspirational and useful in my work and life. Here are some of my favorites, grouped by topic:
I was saddened recently to learn of the August 8th death, at 92, of Max De Pree, who had an illustrious career as CEO and Chairman of the innovative furniture/design company Herman Miller. Today’s leaders and managers are under pressur...
Soaring executive pay. The future of health care. Disappearing manufacturing jobs. Information overload.These are all hot button topics today. They were also subjects written about by 
Although Peter Drucker wrote a number of books that could justifiably be called classics, perhaps his most beloved is The Effective Executive. We are living in a much different world than the one of 1967, but Drucker’s relatively short guide to getting the right things done, and done well, still packs considerable power.
On July 5, 2002, USA TODAY published my feature story on Peter Drucker, “Scandals Nothing New to Business Guru.” I’m convinced that Living in More Than One World and my 2009 book Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way would not have happened if so many things had not come together for the 2002 interview. Here are three direct quotes from my USA Today interview that still ring true today.