Effective Management
Contributor: Raymond Hofmann
Posted: 01/06/2017
The way we run organizations isn’t working. Companies (and their managers) are failing us in every conceivable way. They leave workers uninspired and disengaged (according to Gallup, just 13% of the world’s workforce is engaged at work).They’re wasting time (according to the Deloitte Center for the Edge, productivity at American companies steadily... Full Article »
Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 02/16/2017
Bill Cohen head shot
Peter Drucker is known as “the Father of Modern Management.” He was certainly different than other management gurus.And by the way, he didn’t like that description of his work. He preferred to be called a “social ecologist,” someone who studies how societies interact and organize themselves. But there is a little more to it.Social ecology was a... Full Column »