Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Contributor: Editorial Staff at Management Matters Network
Posted: 09/20/2016
Producing Innovation
Editor's Note:Almost every organization wants to produce meaningful innovation, but it’s only one part of the so-called "Drucker change management process." We are always looking for acronyms to jog our memory. The one we coined for this all-powerful Drucker change management process is ACE–I:1. Abandonment of the unproductive and the... Full Article »
Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 12/27/2016
Bill Cohen head shot
Yes, Drucker claimed that any business (and I would add any non-profit too) had only two primary functions: marketing and innovation. Let’s be honest: Many—perhaps all—of our innovations come from flashes of sudden inspiration. I seem to get an enormous number of such flashes when I wake up, which tells me my mind has been hard at work all night... Full Column »