Part II From Gallup: The Silver Lining Of Customer Problems & How To Improve Customer Experience

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by Daniela Yu and John Timmerman


  • By handling problems effectively, companies enhance engagement
  • Branding can help, but perfect experiences are most engaging
  • Leaders need to deliver on brand promises during problem resolution

(To understand how many companies’ customer resolution processes are missing the mark, read Part I of this series.)

With a click on their mobile devices, dissatisfied customers can broadcast their frustrations to their social networks.

This makes the brand-tarnishing power of customer problems enormous -- and easily capable of undoing millions of dollars of brand marketing and advertising.

But it doesn't have to be that way: Companies can transform customer problems into business opportunities. Gallup finds that when an organization handles problems effectively, it can end up with higher customer engagement than it had before the problems occurred. 

To help leaders engage customers via problem resolution, Gallup identified the factors that sway problem resolution experiences the most.