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Learning to Think With Other Peoples Ideas

Learning is nothing more than thinking with other people's ideas.

The trick is to adapt, associate, extend, minify and amplify.

We have only 1,440 minutes each day. So, we have to allocate our time to those sources of ideas that deserve our focused attention.

In a nutshell, that's the raison d'être of Management Matters Network.

We will provide you – with what we believe to be – the most powerful ideas that can make you truly effective. Ideas you can immediately use.

Simply put, our mission and purpose is to make you a more effective leader and management practitioner.

How? By helping you learn to think with the ideas of Peter F. Drucker and other true management masters.

"If Effectiveness Were a Gift People Were Born With… We Would Be In Bad Shape"

We all have to learn how to be effective. It's not a natural gift.

If it was a gift, we would be reduced to trying to spot people with high potential of effectiveness and train them as best we know to develop that talent.

But we can hardly hope to find enough people for the executive tasks of modern society this way.

How do we learn to become effective?

Practicing the Right Things

Sal Marino, former chairman and CEO of Penton Publishing (and equivalently IQPC's first CEO) was fond of saying:

"Perseverance, the act of beating your head against the stone wall, is more likely to give you a headache than help you succeed."

You have to do the right things to succeed. Unrestrained hard work, or even restrained hard work for that matter, will do little or no good unless that work energy is expended in the right direction.


A Caution

Practice does not make perfect if you are doing the wrong things.

The only thing practice does is give permanence, that is, create an ingrained habit. A bad ingrained habit is likely to produce self-defeating behavior.

Bad habits must be identified and eliminated. They must be replaced with the right way to carry out a process.

Both individuals and organizations acquire bad habits. It takes quite a bit of doing to do the right things and to do them right.

"Any teacher of artists – musicians, actors, painters – knows this. So does any sports instructor." Unlearning is much more difficult than learning.



If we learn the right way to practice any skill, improved performance and results will inevitably occur.

That's Management Matters Network's true mission. To provide you with the thinking, the knowledge, and the skills to do the right things and do them right.

I believe you are going to love this portal. I believe it will change the way you look at management & societal problems  – starting today!


Get Ready. Get Set. Grow

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