Part II: Applying The Drucker Approach To Reinventing Government Agencies

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During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly promised to streamline the federal government and to create, if necessary, new agencies to meet new 21st-century challenges.

There is indeed, as stated in Part I, need to overhaul the bureaucratic sprawl in Washington. What has happened, according to Drucker, is neither the fault of the Democrats nor the Republicans.

Said Peter F. Drucker, the founder of modern management: “Government has outgrown the structure, the policies, and the rules designed for it and still in use... Able people in government are getting nowhere fast because their basic approach is wrong.”

In Part I we synthesized from many of Drucker’s time-spaced writings five specific prescriptions if put into practice could really reinvent government agencies and, hopefully, significantly reduce yearly deficits and the accumulated public debt.

We also asserted if this administration really intends to make government agencies more effective, we know what to do because of Drucker’s prolific writings and methodologies. We sincerely believe that to be true.

Now... we continue the journey in exploring Drucker’s teachings with respect to making government more effective.

A Quick Glimpse at Part II

Part II discusses the Trump administration’s plan for reviving the economy while simultaneously attempting to achieve permanent cost-cutting in government.

Prior to cutting costs, each government agency will be required to rationally rethink their mission, their results, their true strengths, and more.

Without a structured approach to “downsizing,” the wrong things will be cut – the things where performance should be strengthened not abandoned.

In this section we introduce basic and simple reengineering concepts & framworks chock-full of practical how-to's presented by Jim Champy, one of the world's most respected experts in the field of reengineering organizations.

We've also included an article on Performance Measurement & Control Systems presented in a very simple framework.

This e-book serves as a preamble to our forthcoming conference Execute Government Reform: Tools, Techniques & Technologies To Ensure Mandate Compliance.

It’s a learning program designed to help you put into immediate practice many of the concepts and methodologies discussed in this e-book.