Study Finds C-Suite Executives Believe Access to Software Developers is Major Threat to Success

According to a study of 1,000+ C-suite executives recently completed by Stripe and Harris Poll, 61% believe that access to developer talent is a threat to the success of their business. This ranked higher than corporate tax rates (58%), trade tariffs (56%), access to capital (56%), and the impact of Brexit (55%.)


Why do they place such a high value on developers? The study found that the C-level respondents believe developers are “force-multipliers” that help build their companies in critical ways, and that the best developers build new products, services, and entire businesses.


However, a article summed up the threat by stating, “Collectively, companies today lose upward of $300 billion a year paying down ‘technical debt,’ as developers pour time into maintaining legacy systems or dealing with the ramifications of bad software.”


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