Swaim, Ph.D.

Robert W. Swaim

Dr. Robert W. Swaim was a colleague and personal friend of Drucker’s for nearly thirty years and worked with him for five years prior to his death to develop both the Drucker EMBA and Executive Development Programs that are now offered in China. He is no doubt the foremost authority in Asia on Drucker’s work and in this article he attempts to relate a number of Drucker’s concepts to today’s present uncertain environment – what would Drucker have said about this and would his concepts still be applicable? Dr. Swaim also expands on these views in his new book that was released in 2010, The Strategic Drucker: Peter Drucker’s Strategies for Business Growth published by John Wiley and Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd. He may be reached via email at:

It was 1976 during one night at the Claremont Graduate School (CGS). I had driven the San Bernardino Freeway from my office on 6th and Flower Streets in downtown Los Angeles after work, a one to two hour drive depending on traffic, to attend the Claremont Graduate School Ph.D. in Executive Management Program (now the Peter F. Drucker Graduate...Full Article »
Pretend that Peter F. Drucker were alive today and you were about to engage him - the world’s foremost authority on management - to spend a day at your company with you and your management team. You want advice as to the direction your company should take and are concerned about how your company can compete in a dynamic and rapidly changing global...Full Article »
Too many organizations, management theorist Peter Drucker observed, devote resources to "preserving the past" when they should be allocated to "creating tomorrow." Dr. Robert Swaim - student, colleague, and friend of Drucker’s for almost thirty years – looks at Drucker’s Principles of Innovation and why companies must leave yesterday behind to...Full Article »
"The large organization has to learn to innovate, or it will not survive. —Peter F. Drucker...Full Article »
"The large organization has to learn to innovate, or it will not survive. —Peter F. DruckerMany books by Peter F. Drucker stressed that the first step in developing a vision for any organization is "getting rid of yesterday." Drucker, who is considered the father of modern management thinking, says this also holds true for innovation.Too many...Full Article »
Only one in seven employees in developed countries does work that requires manual labor. While the western world has shifted to a knowledge-based workforce (think: desk jobs that involve more problem-solving and less physical work), there are forces creating new manual labor opportunities. Tech startups like Boxed and Rent the Runway,...Full Article »
When it comes to managing millennials, so-called “millennial experts” have it all wrong. Instead, the answers to effectively leading the youngest generation in the workforce can be found in a simple theory my friend Peter Drucker formulated 40 years ago. First, a majority of American millennials are “knowledge workers”—a term Drucker coined...Full Article »
A New Industry or Fad?While recently reviewing The Wall Street Journal along with my morning coffee, I came across an article discussing the growing number of intergenerational consultants, particularly those that claim to be experts on young Millennial workers.According to WSJ, "Millennial issues also have become a source of income for a host of...Full Article »