Raymond Hofman

I started my professional career as a consultant. First at Accenture, then at McKinsey & Company. In my first management role I became a member of the senior management at Credit Suisse. Later, I served as COO at Avaloq, a privately held software company and global market leader in core banking systems. Both roles demanded I put a dual emphasis on performance today – and on developing the organization for tomorrow.

It was in these management roles that I discovered my true professional passion: developing people and organizations through better management.

Today, as an indpendent management advisor, I can see organization’s through multiple lenses: that of a consultant and that of a practicing manager. That of performance today and that of  long term development. I consider this ability to be a key strength and source of value for my clients.


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What is management? It is a seemingly simple, straightforward question.But it’s hard to answer, at least judging by the many different, sometimes totally incompatible answers I get when I’ve asked over the years.I’ve asked managers and non-managers alike, in large multinational corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures.Here’s...Full Article »