Cohen, Ph.D.

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Bill Cohen was the first graduate of the PhD program that Peter Drucker co-developed at what is now the Masatoshi Ito and Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management. Graduating and becoming Drucker’s friend, he applied Drucker’s methods and rose to become an Air Force general and the author of more than 50 management books published in 23 languages. He is the President of the Institute of Leader Arts which offers a unique corporate training program based on Drucker’s methods. Cohen’s latest book is Peter Drucker on Consulting: How to Apply Drucker's Principles for Business Success. He can be reached at

Peter Drucker is arguably the most famous management thinker of the last hundred years, and perhaps of all time.The big question is: How did an otherwise inexperienced young man, born and raised in Austria in the early part of the 20th century become The Father of Modern Management? How did he become an adviser to powerful chief executives...Full Article »
Peter F. Drucker developed five famous questions that were crucial to the his approach to business. He published them in the book The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization.Those questions were:1. What is your mission?2. Who is your customer?3. What does your customer value?4. What results do you seek?5. What is...Full Article »
Peter Drucker is known as “the Father of Modern Management.” He was certainly different than other management gurus.And by the way, he didn’t like that description of his work. He preferred to be called a “social ecologist,” someone who studies how societies interact and organize themselves. But there is a little more to it.Social ecology was a...Full Article »
Recently the Industrial College of the Armed Forces Association (I’m a 1989 graduate) sent me a newsletter citing an alarming statistic: 40% of new or first time executives are failing or quitting within their first 18 months, according to findings from the Center for Creative Leadership.Now this is not a new problem in either the military or...Full Article »
Every few years, a new supposedly revolutionary management concept gains popularity. And for the most part, after a few years in the limelight, the ideas are rarely used anymore. Where have they gone?  What happened, for example, to McGregor’s Theory X vs. Theory Y and “Participation Management” or the Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid? Are...Full Article »
Yes, Drucker claimed that any business (and I would add any non-profit too) had only two primary functions: marketing and innovation. Let’s be honest: Many—perhaps all—of our innovations come from flashes of sudden inspiration. I seem to get an enormous number of such flashes when I wake up, which tells me my mind has been hard at work all night...Full Article »
Over the years Drucker learned lots of lessons as a management consultant. We’re lucky that he’s shared those with us in his dozens of books. Here are the top takeaways we should always keep in mind:1. Your upbringing doesn’t matter.They just happened, that’s all. Some privileged sons and daughter accomplish little. Others born to poor or...Full Article »
Editor's Note:Peter F. Drucker, having met with thousands of leaders in major organizations, failed to discover a uniform profile of leadership traits.Instead, he encountered a wide spectrum of executive characteristics—the extremes of human polarity, including "vanity and humility, brilliance and dullness, impulsiveness and deliberativeness...Full Article »
Leadership isn’t some sort of manipulation. Real leadership depends heavily on integrity and it has extraordinary power. It alone can make the difference between success and failure in anything you do for yourself or any group you belong to.I know this is a strong statement, but it is absolutely true. I’ve seen this again and again in...Full Article »