John Lawler

John Lawler is CEO of PrimeGenesis, the world’s leading authority and provider of Executive Onboarding and Team Acceleration services, helping leaders and teams accelerate their success during complex transitions – new leaders in new roles, M&A integrations, strategic re-starts and re-organizations.

PrimeGenesis has 12 partners world-wide who focus on developing and implementing 100-day action plans, helping leaders and teams get a head start, manage their message, align their teams around a shared purpose, strategy and actions, deliver early wins, strengthen their organization, & build processes for sustained success. 

Whereas 40% of executives fail within 18 months (Heidrick), PrimeGenesis has brought that rate to under 5% -- and, the firm’s largest 10 clients have used PrimeGenesis over 140 times. Repeat clients include medium-large sized enterprises and middle market private equity firms where transitions are characterized by a greater complexity, higher stakes and need for speed.

John has significant leadership experience – as CEO of 3 private equity backed businesses, Group President roles at both LexisNexis and Scantron, and director positions on several middle market boards – leading large and medium-sized organizations to superior results through business and cultural transformation. 

John is also an experienced executive coach, and is co-author of The New Leader’s 100-day Action Plan (Wiley, 4th edition).  John has a B.A. from Williams College and an MBA from the University of Virginia. He can be reached at

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