Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn

Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn is a distinguished thinker, author, strategy advisor, and speaker with expertise uniquely positioned at the intersection of strategy, innovation, growth, and organizational renewal. His work centers on helping senior leaders elevate their thinking during times of transformation and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities. He is the founder of KuhnStrategic, a New York-based strategy and executive development consultancy that works with business leaders worldwide to build the organizational mindset and muscle to unlock new market growth. He holds a doctorate from Columbia University, and has served as an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, and Teachers College, Columbia University. He is a founding member of the London-based Strategic Management Forum, and is a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts. He is the author of Beyond the Mirage: Thinking and Leading Strategically in the New Market Landscape (in press, LID Publishing, 2017).

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