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Being inconsistent has become something of a cardinal sin over the years. ‘Flip-flopping’ on any given issue is an accusation that strikes fear into the hearts of many politicians. But holding two opposing ideas in our minds and choosing to favor one over the other at different times doesn’t necessarily make us fickle. It’s how all of us think at times and recognizing this duality is a critical leadership skill.
How to Create World-Class Talent
Published: 2017-10-05
It’s more important for success than strategy, technology and even products. The only way for an organisation to survive and thrive long-term: the ability to generate and regenerate talent on a continual basis.
The Nice Boss Syndrome
Published: 2017-08-28
Too many people look at a hard-charging boss and jump to the conclusion that he or she is a tyrant. Here’s what these people don’t get: just because you have a nice boss, doesn’t mean you have a good boss. Of course, being tough doesn’t mean being offensive. How do you know if you’re falling prey to the Nice Boss Syndrome? Consider these questions — and keep track of your yesses.
As important as preparation is to avoid meeting malpractice, the greatest meeting crimes are perpetrated when all participants are assembled. It starts at the beginning. Avoiding meeting malpractice will not solve all of our problems in an era of tremendous globalization and technological disruption. But I bet it’s a great way to start.
Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on BBC Capital. It has been republished with permission.It’s more important for s...
As a Ph.D student in the 1980s, I studied corporate proxy statements to research how much senior executives were paid. I pored through these documents to identify the highest earning managers in a company. I usually found the data in an easy-to-re...