Measurement Driven Management Posts

The First Law of Creating OKRs

In order to create OKRs that matter, you must master the company’s strategic curriculum and know what your own team, department, or group stands for. What is your purpose as a team? The good news is that helping employees understand strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s what it demands.


Balanced Scorecard or OKRs: Which Tool Will Help You Execute Strategy?

At least two-thirds of companies struggle to execute their strategy. So how do the top performing organizations overcome this disturbing statistic? In this column, Paul Niven introduces two models. Choosing whether to use the Balanced Scorecard or OKRs ultimately depends on the organization itself; it’s goals for an execution methodology, current lifecycle, and experience with Performance Management.


Performance Measurement is Everywhere

This necessity of peering into the future in order to craft a proactive response applies to virtually any organization, in any discipline.