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Many organizations are discovering how to take their existing culture and deliver aspects of it digitally. However, other organizations find that this transition isn't as easy as they expected. Here are three ways that organizations can fail when they shift into digital methods of shaping and sustaining culture.
Creativity is a business asset. But very few companies treat creativity like a job expectation and incorporate it into their performance development system. As a result, businesses are missing value that they should be capturing. But how do you coach the imagination?
Although web surveys are valuable tools in a B2C environment, they often fail to provide the qualitative feedback that B2B relationships need. This article discusses the four main reasons that web-based surveys are less effective for B2B customers.
The article discusses why and how advanced analytics can help B2B companies to deliver customer-centric solutions and outsmart their competitors, in turn enabling them to support customer relationships and realize sustained organic growth.
- 45% of employers say they can't find the skills they need. - Redesigned career paths let the skilled advance within their jobs - Talent-based manager selection boosts engagement
In this piece they discuss the concern expressed about the US Social Security system
Most of us aren't paid to go to meetings, answer emails or check social media. We're paid to do work that requires our focused attention and mental effort -- deep work. How can you help your team achieve more deep work and less shallow work.
Hoping to attract star employees, companies post job ads with tantalizing perks -- boasting about their exciting opportunities, competitive compensation and flexible environments. The trouble is, today's job seekers -- particularly job-hopping millennials -- want things that aren't conveyed in typical job postings.
While large accounts can often keep the lights on, it is easy to overlook additional kinds of business that support other strategic objectives such as long-term growth, product diversification, new product adoption and higher profit margins, among others.
Essentially, B2B customers want it all: affordable prices, diverse product offerings and excellent customer service across every channel.
Millennials view work in markedly different ways than the generations before them did, and technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are rewriting workflows. Understandably, these rapid changes leave leaders wondering: What will workplaces look like in the future, and how are those differences affecting my workplace now?
Although fully remote workers are more likely to say they have the opportunity to do what they do best, these employees have lost connections to their organizations that could increase their performance. According to Gallup's research, employees who work remotely 100% of the time are the least engaged of all remote workers. This directly affects an organization's retention, productivity, customer experience and, ultimately, profitability.
by Andrew Dugan and Bailey Nelson • This article is published by Gallup.
Global Economic Stagnation: The Fix
Published: 2017-03-30
By: Tom Matson and Jennifer RobisonEditor's Note: This article was originally published on Gallup and has been reposted with...
By: Sangeeta Bharadwaj BadalThis article is adapted from the upcoming Gallup Press book Strengths Based Student. It was