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From Uber to Airbnb, from Amazon to Netflix, business models are dramatically changing. But I worry that our fascination with technology may be distracting us from paying attention to the importance people play in the success and failure of business - even one that is highly digitized. Here are tips for how CEOs and executives should manage in an increasingly digitized world.
When a Company Goes Astray
Published: 2018-10-09
There is lots of work required to get any company - large or small - out of trouble. The answers to these four questions might provide a path to redemption.
Keeping it Simple
Published: 2018-08-19
Through the years, Jim has learned the importance of simplicity and directness in presenting ideas and communicating them to others. Here are some “rules” to accomplish that objective.
In the never-ending debate about the structure of companies, a strong preference is emerging for flat organizations, or those with no or few levels of management.
The scooter “business model” raises two questions: is this real “disruption” as the company founders would have us and their investors believe and is the “let the regulators be damned” approach a legitimate business strategy? MMN columnist Jim Champy uses both the Drucker and Christensen schools of thought to weigh in on what "real disruption" entails.
This is not the first time our labor force has gone through such change. It happened when we transformed from an agricultural to an industrial economy. People moved from farms to cities, found new jobs. But what will people do now? Will there be enough new jobs? Will a coal miner be happy working in a call center?
Addressing issues of sexual-harassment and the breaking of cultural norms requires visibility and action at the top of an organization. Nothing will change until that happens.
What’s a business worth? Given the outsized valuations of the so-called “unicorns,” the answer may be “who knows.” Is Uber really worth $75 billion? These valuations of privately held companies valued at more than a billion dollars --...
Leadership has been around since tribes first emerged in primitive societies. Someone had to be the leader—likely the most assertive member of the tribe—but these early ancestors never read books on participative manage...
Most so-called “transformational change” efforts fail. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for an organization to change everything at once. Yet enterprises are challenged to adapt quicker than ever to compete and survive. But where should they begin? Every change needs to start with a compelling case. Healthcare provides a great example of an industry in need of radical change.
Advice for the Ambitious
Published: 2017-03-12
Editor's NoteToday there’s lots of discussion advocating for greater “equality of income,” but little talk of “equality of effort.” Jim Champy, as usual, offers rich insights about the importance of ambition i...
The presidential campaign painfully illuminated the incredible loss of manufacturing jobs in the U.S.The causes are clear: free trade policies have made it easy for companies to move manufacturing jobs to countries with dramatically lower l...
In this article, Jim Champy shares with us his "disciplined observations" about what's happening with respect to the so-called "new-economy." Further, he reminds us, manufactured enthusiasm inevitably will collapse into disappointment and retreat if basic management principles go unheeded.
Editor's Note:Follow the leader. But what if he or she lacks a moral compass? Scandal and out-of-touch executives have sparked a wave of resentment toward top management in institutions of all kinds and sizes....
Editor's Note:The roadside is littered with disasters when the only contribution an acquiring company brings is money.Successful acquisitions occur when the acquiring company contributes management, technology, str...
Editor's Note:The Veterans Administration (VA) has been front-page news for well over five years—and never more so than today with respect to the 2016 election. By now, most people are aware that the main sour...
Gig or Job?
Published: 2016-09-22
Not all businesses can operate on the “contractor” or “freelance” model.
Investors seemed surprised when the luxury apparel and accessories maker Ralph Lauren reported $400 million in restructuring charges and warned of lower sales. A