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According to Drucker, people really don't resist change. It's the way changes are introduced in organizations that they often object to. What then are some of the errors that are made when a change effort is introduced which creates resistance and hinders the success of their change efforts?
"This is a new era of opportunity, but only for those who are willing to accept change as an opportunity, not for those who are afraid of it." Peter F. DruckerIn today’s rapidly changing enviro...
Organizations change for a number of different reasons, so they can either react to these reasons or be ahead of them.
Drucker referred to the “Next Society” as the major social changes that will surely impact and trickle down to all business strategy. These included; The 4th Information Revolution, Changing Demographics, The Steady Decline in Manufacturing, Transformation & Splintering of the Workforce, and Political Instability and Social Unrest. Keep Drucker’s observations of the “Next Society” in mind as they have a direct impact on strategy, innovation and leadership.
The following demonstrates a recurring theme of Drucker's views on changes taking place in society. He felt that these changes would have major implications on strategy as well as opportunities for innovation.
The founder of modern management cited six key areas where managers need to ask questions (knowing the right questions to ask was a theme of Drucker's strategic thinking approach—it’s as applicable today as it was in 1976). The following are Dr. Robert Swaim's real notes from this lecture.
Instead of post-mortem lectures and reports, Drucker provided clients with insights on a number of important issues for a company’s management to consider such as, what do we know and not know about the future, and what this might mean for your business strategy.
Peter Drucker observed too many organizations devote resources to preserving the past instead of "creating tomorrow." Dr. Robert Swaim–student, colleague and friend of Drucker’s–looks at Drucker’s Principles of Innovation and why companies must leave yesterday behind to better shape tomorrow.
"The large organization has to learn to innovate, or it will not survive. —Peter F. DruckerMany books by Peter F. Drucker stressed that the first step in developing a vision for any org...
A New Industry or Fad?While recently reviewing The Wall Street Journal along with my morning coffee, I came across